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The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs

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Half Batman. Half joker. Combining everything that makes the Caped Crusader a hero and the Clown Prince a killer, the Batman Who Laughs is the Dark Multiverse's deadliest criminal mastermind. Now he's come to Gotham to turn Bruce Wayne's home into an incubator for evil.

And he hasn't come alone. Emerging from another of the Dark Multiverse's myriad realities comes the Grim Knight. This vicious vigilante will use any weapon at his disposal to ensure those he has marked for death stay down. 

A war like no other- a war of the Batmen- has begun. As Batman's closest friends, deadliest enemies and doppelgangers from across the Multiverse get caught in the crossfire, only one question remains:

Who will have the last laugh?

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