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Plain Bad Heroines

Plain Bad Heroines

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Brookhants School for Girls: infamous site of a series of tragic deaths more than a hundred years ago. Soon to be the subject of a controversial horror movie about the rumoured ‘Brookhants curse’: 

in the early 1900s, Brookhants students Flo and Clara fell madly in love, brought together by their obsession for a scandalous memoir. 

A few months later they were found dead in the woods, after a horrific wasp attack, the book lying next to their intertwined bodies. 

Three more grisly deaths followed before the school was forced to close. 

Now, the school’s doors are open once more. But as the crew of glamorous young actresses assemble to start filming, past and present begin to blur. And soon it’s impossible to tell quite where the curse ends and Hollywood begins.... 

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