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Flesh and Blood - Part the Mistveil Pre-Release Entry Ticket

Flesh and Blood - Part the Mistveil Pre-Release Entry Ticket

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Join us on Friday 24th of May for sealed within the mist! Part the Mistveil is coming out with a bunch of new interesting heroes with a bunch of new mechanics and talents!

This new set is heavily inspired in Asian culture due to it's brand new release in Japan so we're going to be seeing a lot of cool and aesthetic art in cards!
We have Nuu, the Assassin that plays with Stealth, Enigma, the Illusionist that plays with Spectral Shields and Zen, the Ninja that plays with Crouching Tigers. All of this using the new Mystic cards and new blue resource, Chi!

Entry fees will be £40 that include 8 packs for a sealed as per required with this set and a kit with 1 random rainbow foil equipment out of 14, 1 random coild foil promo card out of 3 and 2 rainbow foil extended art promo cards.

For more information visit Flesh and Blood's website:

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