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Batman: A Death in the Family

Batman: A Death in the Family

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In his ultimate showdown with the Boy Wonder, the Joker teams up with the most unlikely of allies- BATMAN's readers!

The year was 1988, the 50th anniversary of the Dark Knight Detective- and his fans had been given an unprecedented opportunity to decided the outcome of one of his most pivotal stories. The choice? Whether to keep the status quo of Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo, or return Batman to what he once was- a brooding, one-man war on crime. A vote was held, the results were honoured, and history was made- following his devastating defeat, Robin was killed and Batman was once again Gotham's lone Protector. 

But what would the ramifications of this tragedy be? Would Batman become more a focused champion of justice, or would he degenerate into a reckless vigilante, unable to recover from such a loss? These questions would be answered in the five-part follow up story, a lonely place of dying, along with the with the biggest question of all: Does Batman need a Robin?

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