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Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird

Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird

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After a battle that nearly cost them their lives, Bea and Cad awaken in the hidden settlement of the Arsai, mysterious creatures who can glimpse into the future. The Arsai's vision paints a dire picture for their planet, as the Bird, Kest KeBelenus- now awoken from a restless slumber- threatens to destroy all the Lights of Ipra. 

Desperate for a solution, Bea and Cad seek out the help of a water spirit known as Lorgon, whose ancient wisdom may help them find a way to take down Kest and save Irpa from utter destruction. 

But when their time with Lorgon presents more questions than answers, Bea and Cad must decided what's more important... stopping Kest or uncovering the truth.

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