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Batman Detective Comics: The Neighbourhood

Batman Detective Comics: The Neighbourhood

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Gotham City is changing fast, and there's a new mayor named Christopher Nakano who wants Batman gone. To get closer to the city and the people he's sworn to protect, Batman shuts down Wayne Manor and the Batcave, relocating to a townhouse in the heart of the city and building new micro-caves throughout the Gotham sewer system.

The warm hum of city life is shattered when a murder mystery emerges that stabs at the heart of Batman's new home, and worse yet- Bruce Wayne is the number one suspect! Sarah Worth's grisly death leads her rich and unhinged father, Rowland Worth, to stop at nothing to bring Bruce to justice and destroy Batman for getting in his way. This surge of violence in Gotham's city streets brings with it a strange new villain who feeds of such bloodshed... and no one, not even Batman himself, is safe from the menace of Vile!

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