Hannah Reviews : Someday, Maybe by Onyi Nwabineli

Hannah Reviews : Someday, Maybe by Onyi Nwabineli

Nobody tells you that irrational hope is a side effect of grief.

Someday, Maybe is the debut novel of Nigerian British author Onyi Nwabineli. The story follows Eve as she navigates the insurmountable grief of her partner, Quentin, tragically taking his own life. Be warned, this book is emotionally draining. The immersive writing style used by Nwabineli draws you into Eve’s painful journey and she does not shy away from the wealth of emotions the characters feel. Eve’s loss turns her world upside down, and not only is she dealing with loss of her partner, but life throws many more obstacles her way. Watching Eve learn how to process her grief is an insightful journey and highlights the messy nature of grief. Despite the intense topic, Nwabineli handles the subject matter with care. Her heart-breaking prose allows you to explore Eve’s stages of grief and join her on her slow journey to developing her new normal. 

Furthermore, Nwabineli expertly weaves in the importance of a strong support system and the role family and friends play in the grieving and healing process. Her complex side characters show unconditional love towards Eve, each offering their own version of support, whether that be words of advice, a silent companion, honesty, or providing food.

Full of hard truths, the story is predominately character-based. While the plot is slow-moving, it is engaging and thought-provoking, dragging you into the depths of Eve’s despair and watching as she attempts to pull herself out.

Trigger Warnings: suicide, grief, death, and depression.

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